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"I think women is foolish to pretent they are equal to men. Persons who do not add photos make an impression of people who have something to hide, and there is anything more discouraging at the beginning of the acquaintance than secrets? Thanks to that other users who prefer dating online just at the very beginning find out if they share Your interests and expectations. When we review profiles of singles – our attention is drawn by those with their image. What do you look for in Your partner, what do you expect from a relationship, what are you like, what are you found of?It will pleasantly speed up your heartbeat and the man interest will get a boost.

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“Just write and you will get a response” or “I am what I am” is the worst answer which you can give.

It is not encouraging to a contact, on the contrary – it makes an impression that we really do not care and we have a little to tell about.

Namely, knowing the man's fantasies we can, although incidentally, find out what sits in him.

If already in the third message he writes that wants to tie you down and use a whip - we may feel little uneasy about it.

Men love when a woman starts somewhat spicier exchange of messages, not to mention releasing the reins of fantasy in the preparation for response.