16 and 23 dating Free live sex vido chat

But ever so often a good guy with a future comes along and sees potential of a good wife in the FUTURE and don't let her get away.

And if I was a dad id much prefer the RIGHT 23 year old over a 17,18,19 year old punk who only will treat her like crap.

16 and 23 dating

Cause she was raised good, was mature for her age, and had more sense then the 21 year olds at the time.

And I was in no rush, with time to wait on her to grow into what I knew she would be.

And sometimes when kids are with older people it can cause some psychological issues in their lives down the road. due to shitty situations, some 12yo have to take care of their 8,10yo sibling and have to mature much faster. that maturity thing is an individual person by person thing.

this is my longest relationship so if its goin good y should i end it just coz ppl think that its wrong or illegal? Dude the truth of the matter is that girl isn't done devoloping emotionally, physically and mentally.

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