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And I think there's always the risk of coming across like, "Oh, you're hurting, I have an answer -- I have answer." But I also just can't deny that I feel like there's something true in what I've learned and am being drawn into, that does apply to her life. I feel like the church does present certain answers to that.

Not just in an intellectual sense, but a way of life that you can enter into and actually offers real healing for people.

Not just a five-step method to happiness or better sex or whatever. Maybe she went back to reading something about the eternal nature of love or absolute truth.

But next time we're both home with our families, their houses still just a few minutes away from each other, I'll sit in her kitchen, like I've done so many times.

when you're using natural family planning, you don't have sex when you're fertile. You have to accept that sacrifice, and you have to talk about it, so communication is kept open.

Your husband will know everything about, like, where your body is...

We'll drink her parents' whiskey, she'll warm me up a plate of their best leftovers, and we'll feel in some way like the same people we've always been.