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In an interview, it was stated that Capcom intended to put far more effort into adventure and storyline, and there will be a group of traveling caravans. New monsters include a mysterious black dragon named Gore Magala and an orange lemur-like Pelagus known as Kecha Wacha.

In the TGS trailer, three new monsters were revealed.

They'll help you every step of the way with their specialized skills, as you travel from land to land.

Nerscylla, who uses webbing to cocoon the hunter, Tetsucabra, a large frog-like creature with huge tusks that dwells in moist areas, and a large Jhen Mohran-like beast known as Dah'ren Mohran that inhabits the Great Desert.

The February 2013 trailer also showcased a new armored snake-like monster known as Najarala that seems to dwell in forests and a new giant serpentine-like monster that is similar to Laviente that will appear in this game, as seen in the third trailer.

These villages will have their own unique looks and characters.

Every new destination also means more unlocked features from the rest of your caravan members.

The "complete set" includes a strap, a figure, a pouch and the game.