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The game is not that active in early CET mornings when I wanted to play, but it's pretty active in peak American times.

Best part is the graphics and animations which are great, though it could use more of everything because I found I got to know them all fast. I didn't realise it was a subscription and only wanted to try it for one month, I always pay for subscription type games per month in case I ever want to quit.

You can create your own locations, create custom objects and share with others.

Your private appartment is fully customisable and you have full control over the avatar's looks - every body part (eye,hair,nails color, body shape, penis and breasts size, muscles etc.) The game had been produced by Sex Game Devil developer studio as their masterpiece in early 2013 and frequent updates and extensions are further improving the great user experience.

It's decent, but after a little while I found the novelty to wear off since there was only so much to do.