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Sure, it may be a hit on the pride from time to time, but it really is a pretty good way to live.

The Miss District of Columbia USA 2007 has been romantically linked to ex-Redskin and current Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell.

I've got to say, nothing would keep me focused on playoff football quite like a vacation to Mexico with the gorgeous Simpson. has been linked to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Playmate, was dating ex-NFL quarterback Tim Couch after Mc Nown was banned from the Playboy Mansion.

As you've seen, Rodgers puts up big stats in the dating game, but he is unable to seal the deal with any of these ladies. But if he isn't—if he is out there looking for his special somebody—then he is the Donovan Mc Nabb of dating. As related to the video, don't you think Pat Shurmur should scream "YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Undaunted, Mc Nown pursued Kozar, eventually luring her away from Couch.

Namely, one part of the chorus accurately represents the feelings fans everywhere will have on Sundays if there is no football: So the story goes that Cade Mc Nown—the 1999 first-round bust who was out of the NFL by 2003—got himself kicked out of the Playboy Mansion after running away to Mexico with Roderick, then Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. The two are no longer dating, which means Rodgers either dropped the ball or life is so good for the Super Bowl MVP that he could take a flyer on the gorgeous Henderson.