Adult chat and masterbat

My pref though is straight porn and me picturing myself as the woman or lesbian porn, not picturing myself as anyone.

I once got into beastility but stopped cause I felt bad for the porn, not real life.

To the OP: It does seem possible, from what you've said, that you find certain types of fantasy exciting, but enjoy different types of people/activities when it comes to in-real-life encounters.

It usually takes me a few minutes of rubbing myself to get aroused enough to the point that I can finish. Am I still watching it only because it's become a habit (I've been watching it for years)? I'm sorta confused I had a sexual encounter with a man about 3 months ago and I LOVED it.

i got more aroused than i ever was when I was dating a girl.

I started watching porn at 10, and i started to masterbate at 12. Now when I watch it though, I lose interest very quickly. I don't think most guys in gay porn are very attractive (although a few are).

I find that while watching female porn, I often get distracted by penis enlargement ads and I find I zone out looking at the penis in the ads.

I have been focusing on that, and I'm pretty sure I'm gay. When i had that first experience, it just felt like everything made sense, you know?