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Conversely, he may just not want to come home because he feels guilty," explains Manette.7.

He's Frequently Unavailable or Unreachable Are you suddenly finding it hard to get in touch with your significant other?

Anything that can be characterized as secretive, unusual or unexplained—or any behavior that has suddenly and inexplicably changed—could signify that he's hiding something, warns Manette.

"If your partner becomes elusive about his whereabouts, something's probably going on," says Tony De Lorenzo, owner of All State Investigations and coauthor of . "The computer screen changing when you walk into the room, hushed telephone conversations or calls taken outside, strange body language when in the company of the new gal at work, reluctance to take you places with him and his friends, and general unexplained behavior that feels suspicious, are all clues that your partner is straying," says Manette.

"He could be spending the time away from home with her.