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The dey agreed to surrender in exchange for his freedom and the offer to retain possession of his personal wealth.Five days later, he exiled himself with his family, departing on a French ship for the Italian peninsula, then under the control of the Austrian Empire.

Before the failure of the blockade, the Restoration decided on 31 January 1830 to engage a military expedition against Algiers.

Admiral commandeered an armada of 600 ships that originated from Toulon, leading it to Algiers.

Tensions between the two population groups came to a head in 1954, when the first violent events of what was later called the Algerian War began.

The war concluded in 1962, when Algeria gained complete independence following the March 1962 Evian agreements and the July 1962 self-determination referendum.

When the dey responded with cannon fire directed toward one of the blockading ships, the French determined that more forceful action was required., proposed a military expedition.