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Alvarez dating serial

I have a 5032 also I was told they were made between 19 .

Hey, i was wondering if there is anyway to find what model of guitar i have?

The date on the inside says 2/12/1975, I assume that is the date it was manufactured or completed. By the way, the numbers on the plate of the guitar he is selling are 000326 so if yours is a lower number like mine is that may be more good news. Garcia owned these: Alvarez-Yairi DY99 Virtuoso Modulus, 1992 Alvarez-Yairi DY98, 1991 custom Alvarez-Yairi Gy-2 Can you match the serail numbers to the correct guitar?

John Karpowicz was one of the creators of the crate, however, I don't know who started making the Alvarez at SLM. My Dad bought a Alvarez 5039, I believe that he got it Christmas 1975. I am hoping this is the case, I knew that this guitar may have some value but wasn't sure if it would be this much. I'm interested in information regarding Serial numbers 4412.

Can anyone tell me about this particular model, and what it might be worth? I am looking to sell an Alvarez Custom 1981 DY60 Yairi Anniversary 6string Acoustic-electric & wanting to know a price.