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The mounting popularity of aidoru has coincided with similar ‘cute’ media in Japan like manga, anime, K-pop and hot spots for these forms of entertainment like in Akihabara and Shibuya.

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Other idol groups are nearly indistinguishable from normal pop artists, like Perfume who is made up of three members or Momoiro Clover Z who are well known for the theme song, or more recently, Babymetal. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a solo artist who started as a fashion blogger.

Her aim is to make fun of the idol genre altogether (Covington, 2014).

Jimusho or those who work in agencies have multiple roles like teaching their idols singing, dancing, theatre, and organizing television, commercial and film appearances. Retrieved 13th November 2015 from: News/News1/Japanese-Fans-Rank-Top-16-Idol-Anime-6175Smit, A. The [email protected] Anime Wants You to Believe in Idols, and Here’s Why You Should. Retrieved 14th November 2015 from: Eternal Student.

The fact that idols are recycled through a big brand name means that children can grow up with them and remain fans for life, allowing them to be drawn to the group out of nostalgia purposes as well (Galbraith & Karlin, 2012).

With the careful placement of idols that infiltrate every aspect of the media, Japan’s entertainment industry can be seen as more than the sum of its parts.