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The Ampeg B-15N is considered the ultimate in bass amplification, and this happens to be the best example we’ve ever had the pleasure of offering.

Serial Number: 041395 Speaker Date Code: 137 616 (CTS, early-’66) The blue diamond tolex exterior is in perfect condition. There is not a single issue with this amp, and it is worthy of the finest amp collection.

This particular example, serial number 041395, is in near mint 100% all original condition!

Sure this immaculate original may look like a new Ampeg Heritage Series B-15N reissue (which was primarily influenced by the original B-15N, and currently sells for $4,000.00 ), but don’t be fooled by the fresh appearance of the original exterior, as this near pristine example is an absolutely incredible, seemingly perfectly preserved, original ’66 B-15N!

The silver/black grill cloth retains perfect structural integrity along with no visible fading. All of the original tubes are branded with Ampeg logos and have date codes consistent with a ’66 production.