new faces dating - An error has occurred updating the google calendar event

List of RRULE, EXRULE, RDATE and EXDATE lines for a recurring event, as specified in RFC5545. (Formatted as an IANA Time Zone Database name, e.g. Note that DTSTART and DTEND lines are not allowed in this field; event start and end times are specified in the If the event doesn't use the default reminders, this lists the reminders specific to the event, or, if not set, indicates that no reminders are set for this event. "Europe/Zurich".) For recurring events this field is required and specifies the time zone in which the recurrence is expanded.

A colleague at work today had some questions regarding Google Calendar that I attempted to assist him with.

In the process I ran into some things that didn’t make a lot of sense to me so I wanted to point out some of the issues I found with importing Calendar Events into Google Calendar.

To prove this I opened up the file that would not import into Google Calendar and every line that was indented I replaced the tab indention with 4 spaces and saved the file. ICS file into my Google Calendar and it worked without issue this time.

Below I highlighted the lines of an i Calendar event that I replaced the indention with 4 spaces.

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