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From Camalig town proper, it is another 20 minute drive from the turnout to Barangay Cotmon.

Some sections of the road aren’t paved yet but are manageable even for light vehicles.

Tour guide fee is 100 pesos, inclusive of one lamp.

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Concrete steps near the main entrance The walk through the cave was rather pleasant.

It was cool and well-ventilated, hence the lack of reeking stench of like in many caves I have visited.

It was discovered during the Japanesse occupation and has since become one of the most popular and easily accessible caves in Albay.

The gentle and breezy wind that blows through the numerous openings of the cave gave birth to its name Hoyop-Hoyopan which was derived from the vernacular word .

You may ride a jeepney or tricycle from Barangay Cotmon back to Camalig proper near the entrance of the cave.

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