Annoying quirks dating

If you get touchy feely with other men and snub your boyfriend or don’t treat him better, heck, you’re going straight on top of the list of annoying girlfriends.

[Read: How to turn a guy on] And what’s really worse is when he complains to you about blue balls and you brush it off as a stupid excuse to have sex.

Seriously, it’s definitely an annoying girlfriend trait when you warm a guy up and leave him on the couch and tell him to use his hands. Now he may not do anything more than surf porn, play games or work on his car, but for some reason that men don’t know themselves, they need to be alone to enjoy the activity and feel rejuvenated.

#2 When you keep talking when he’s playing When a guy plays a multiplayer game on his Xbox or even if he’s just playing solo, he really doesn’t like talking, especially about gossip or relationship stuff.

While women may use games for recreation, men don’t. So each time your man’s “relaxing” and playing, he’s actually having an adrenalin rush.

Once again we're sending you the wrong signal.