Antique dating knife

Then I can see from 1980 there is a jump up in quality and details.

The model is 2.0511 and got the combination tool that was introduced in 1982. Here is an interesting detail for dating that can be used.

On the Nylon handle economy made knives from 1994 it seems everything usually follow the evolution. On the left is the emblem with a wider configuration that i believe is from 1973-75 (most likely 1975).

By this i mean high or low and sometimes the Rostfrei may be partially hidden when opened.

You will find production variations on the depht and even sometimes it looks like the stamp used was worn. and I can not see that the change mentioned in 1985 on the Officier evolution on the standard range happened at the same time on the economy made line.

Over the course of Case’s long history, literally hundreds of different knife patterns have been created.