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This Azantis krill blend contains fish oil to increase the omega 3 levels from triglycerides, while at the same time maintaining omega 3 phospholipids from krill at 42%.Azantis also sells pure krill oil, without the fish oil component, to other resellers.High-quality krill oil has a signature of 400mg or more phospholipids per 1,000mg dose.

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Mega Red Krill Oil comes in smaller capsules (300mg) than other major brands' capsules.

Thus you are paying less per bottle, but you are actually getting a smaller amount and fewer total nutrients than if the capsules were 500mg each.

That krill oil supplement is similar to the Mega Red Krill Oil composition on a percentage basis.

Find to the right an example of such an Azantis pure krill oil label.

Some consumers feel that the combination of krill oil and astaxanthin as a blend is important to them, and they opt for krill oil blends with extra astaxanthin from algae.