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That's what the films are about for me: a loss of innocence, going from being a young kid in awe of the world around him, to someone who is more battle-hardened by the end of it. Radcliffe: Toward the end of the film, there is a massive fight sequence, but his fight is a more silent, underground fight this time.

He forms Dumbledore's Army, after being persuaded by Ron and Hermione, and this film is about Harry being more aware that a war is about to happen between Voldemort and the Death Eaters and people like the Order of the Phoenix, and it's about him trying to prepare as many people as possible.

And Harry feels like he was the driver and Cedric was taken along with him, so there's a huge amount of pain and guilt.

Harry has two unhealthy relationships, both forged by death.

It's drained of all the passion by the filming process. Radcliffe: Once you talk to her, Katie's not that shy.