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Often these grandparents don’t speak English and don’t easily adapt to a new language and culture.

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Mar 27, 2015 Photo: Seniors enjoy a music, exercise and mutual support at the Chinese Culture and Community Center in Washington, D. Her son, Michael Man, worked as the accounting manager at the National Education Association. Then, in 1992, Chan’s husband passed away and her own health began deteriorating. region’s Asian population rose 60 percent since 2000, making the region a hub for Asians on the East Coast.

C.--In 1976, So Ying Chan and her husband came to the United States to help take care of their grandchildren.

There is a great shame in the idea that your children might abuse you.” Even those who wanted to get help may find very few Asian-speaking mental health professionals in the U. “Social work and counseling isn’t an attractive profession for a lot of Asian Americans,” Lu said.

Bridges to Mental Health Working to bridge the resource gap between older Asian Americans and mental health services is Matthew J.

She isn’t ecstatic to be in a facility, but she now jokes with the staff and sits down at her meals. Programs Alleviate Wu Liao Boredom Fortunately, cultural and senior centers for older Asian Americans are cropping up all over the U. The Brooklyn Chinese-American Association (BCA) operates four centers offering such free services as medical screenings, health examinations, meals and even singing and dance classes. area, the Chinese Culture and Community Center (CCACC) operates an Adult Health Day Care Center, which provides meals to its residents every day, a variety of classes, and transportation to medical visits. We do a follow up after three months and they’ve totally changed.