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Don't make Asian jokes, it's wong Asians with the Downs be like: "They call Wong. The kid wrote: good bad, black white, original China. Egyptians did 1000 years earlier than those people. Asians are so bad at driving, I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an accident 3.

And ice cream is invented in Europe and no one knows who invented the wheel. Let's hope the teacher isn't Asian, or he'd get in HUGE trouble, lol.

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Asians are so bad at driving, I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an accident American eyes are wide open shouldn't they be watching it instead of heading off to Mc Donald's?

No matter how many times I hear this joke, I think about the past decade on the road..only bad drivers I've encountered are primarily white people lol there was people of ALL races, but mostly whites..think they own the damn road and break road rules a lot Hey! It's not their fault they have their eyes blocking out the vision! Everyone is different, I'm Asian and yes, everyone in my school is different. Explains why we have our DNA 99.9% the same, but yes, he was even bored when he got to asians. - Topten Pizza How do you know if a Chinaman robbed your house?

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