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I proceeded to bang my head against the wall again. Licking the shell of my ear and grinding his hard meat-stick against my ass."This quickly, Ichigo? heahhhh- hear." I began to drool over my mouth and onto the pillow as I reached behind me to grip the vibrant blue locks of my boyfriend."Aww, Ichi-tan, you know me too well." He laughed lightly before he slipped out of my grip.

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" He paused his task to tell me before blowing lightly. He chuckled and went back to doing what he was doing before.'Why does he have to be an Arrancar? That's okay." He told me softly as his white-hot mouth engulfed me all the way to the root, deep throating me.

"In fact, Lil' Ichigo seems to be crying because I stopped." He cooed as he drew his fingers across his face to pick up what had collected there. My face flared red in embarrassment as he kissed his way down my thigh again, keeping full eye contact with me the whole time.