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Somewhere along the line though, Baby's ego went straight to his head.

Perhaps he actually believes he's a dope rapper now?

Lavish Bird lady in that brand new Caddy" Even as one who is not the world's biggest fan of Lil Wayne, THANK GOD for his guest appearance on "I Got To." He's the only one of Hot Boys to show up on this whole CD, and his rap is a tall refreshing drink of water after nearly choking on the syrupy sweetness of Baby's flow: "You probably see me sittin on the Range, I'm hustlin Look up in the sky, it's a bird of some 'caine!

Ey, I flip it twice and I serve it a-gain Shorty ride fly, twenty-birds on that thang I say shorty ride hydro, burn my brain Gotta love the boy, I be durrin my thang!

Ladies and gentleman, Baby (aka The #1 Stunna) is now officially the "Birdman" in every song on his thusly titled debut album.