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You try to change the search and have to do it several times for it to change BE AWARE!! I try to get money back of 3 months" special offer $81AU". I now I been block out and the fabulous customer service ignore me totally!! I have written a letter to: for a decent explanation and money refund..see... Just like any other dating site, fake profiles, total scam, don't waste your money or time, after all it's your money.

after no more than 5 days of Premium member , I demand my money back because I realize that they are not good. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [email protected] be2 S.à.r.l. 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg Commercial Register , B 123206 Managing Director: [name removed] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope "Managing Director: [name removed]" replies to me . And for those that get an email that pretends to be from a lawyer representing this scam site, you can tell them come and get your money in cash, it's a long flight from England to Australia.

So instead, what I did, I cancelled my debit card so that they could no longer charge me to renew my subscription.

I have scanned and sent them a signed letter requesting that they not charge me any further, and am still waiting to hear back from them.

I wish I'd read your recent reviews before I sent money to trial b'2 , Most of the people I was matched with did not have their real photo and were over thousands of kilometres from where I lived, I have seen my bank to stop any further payments as I had $47 deducted from my bank card without giving permission to do so and no notice from b'2 informing me this was to be deducted. I signed up one day ago and find this site not very good. I only used for a short while and tried to cancel but they make the way difficult to escape, like a spiders web. I have been harassed for 18 months for claimed money owing.

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