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This means not looking for someone who looks good on a resume, but someone who provides real fulfillment in the form of great conversation, caring gestures and support. It is my most trusted field guide for my everyday life.

There are many great exercises in this book and most of them are based on the principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Ali's writing style is easy to follow and full of humor, making this book an enjoyable read and a great self-help tool! I have been moved by the information, and found that when it is put into frequent practice, the results are instant and profound. get old and wrinkly to the point that all guys will lose interest.

If you like the book, you’ve just gotten yourself the bargain of the century. The book uses both a scientific and spiritual approach.

There are lots of good practical suggestions - for example on where to meet potential dates, and how to spot men who ultimately won't be able to measure up but also there is the spiritual Tao side which helps one to let go a little and trust in the abundance of the universe.

I’ve read a lot of relationship books but this one seemed to resonate with me the most. The idea of being detached and expecting no outcome was incredibly uplifting to me.

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