Best dating ideas nyc

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The One UN is a cakewalk, though: just stroll with purpose to the elevator in the East Tower, pop up to the 27th floor, and glide right into the locker room, which is the pool’s access point.

Worst case scenario: pretend you’re confused representatives from Estonia. Unlike the first date, you should be reasonably sure you want to spend some time together, so sign up for Manhattan By Sail, which'll include a couple of hours sipping ales, nibbling charcuterie, and taking in the skyline views.

If you want to keep your companion for the night fascinated rather than fatigued, you need to get slightly more creative.

Click through for a slew of unique date ideas right here in Manhattan!

If you’re both feeling like a workout, however, you can sign up to paddle all the way around the city or out to the Statue of Liberty.