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I laughed and she's like giggling "Oh I can tell by that laugh where your other one was." That's all was said about that. But when I wrote that text I was NOT thinking that in anyway.

So Friday night I get to the mall 1/2 hour early, get a drink at Carl's Jr. On the way there I text messaged her asking "hey do you wanna see my piercing." Now I know I told her I didn't have either anymore. I was simply stating I wanted to just date and not go the "easy" route anymore and I was nervous b/c I'm not used to that.

sounds liek she used you as an excuse to keep talking to him. well then again, so am i.i know he checks out girls on this site, and messages them. i tell him that he's more than free to do whatever he wants, but if i ever find out he's cheating on me, or he simply ****s-up, then it's over. that's for him to decide...with our situation, i wouldn't be surprised if he's looking at a site or whatevers, then again, if anything, he usually tells me these things. he said it was just doing something "with the guys".

Communication solves alot of problems It isn't appropriate for him to be on such a site. I've never heard of a friend setting up a friend for a date online. I am not Christian, Asian, BBW, a sugar daddy, A single Dad, etc... You "find out" that your husband is on a dating site?? If he was searching for YOU (which I agree, BTW, is dumb) and there was nothing going on than why would he feel the need to hide it?? Oh but Thursday night we did talk on the phone for like two hours. But I mean two consenting adults on a date then why not?

So he may just use you as an excuse so he can look and talk to women on he have a pic of you or him on "your" profile? She must be worried about some personal questions or pictures he might get... What ever happened to "Hey Honey, I thought I'd help out Joe on dating sites by weeding out women. She was saying how she's all itchy and I asked why. I bet not many people would think anything of a female showing a male a private piercing providing both are consenting.

These women are still attractive, they are always tempting, and they are always convincing.

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She said where were they, and I first said my left nipple. I also said girls in the past on the first date wanted to give me head and I didn't want to do that anymore.