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Whereas I can’t get enough of leafy green vegetables, he’s much more picky.

In his case, I believe it’s genetic; he’s been heavy since a very young age, and didn’t slim down even when playing football twice a day. That’s something you can’t hide when you live with someone, nor would I want to.

The fact that he knows I have trigger foods, like potato chips, means he won’t leave them in the house, but also that when I do have a binge eating episode, he is kind about it.

(Most recently, this was a yes on falafel loaf, a no on garlicky bok choy.) If I felt like he didn’t care about his health, that would be a red flag.

But he does; he just isn’t trying to alter his body to meet society’s standards.

We don’t eat an organic, vegan, totally clean diet, but, contrary to the stereotypes about fat people, he isn’t gorging himself on junk food 24/7.