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An earring was missing from one ear, her nightgown was rolled up to her chest and her underwear and tights were in the corner of the room.

Semen was found on her thigh and groin and a bodily fluid likely either semen or saliva was on her breasts.

The view is of the dock where the float planes arrive and depart for their destinations up and down the coast of Vancouver Island.

This webcam is located at Race Point, just north of Campbell River. This webcam was setup by Vancouver Island Air with the financial support of the following companies: Corilair Charters Ltd., Helifor Industries Ltd., Benwest Logging Ltd., Timberwest Forest Ltd., Kenmore Air Harbor Inc., International Forest Products Ltd., E & B Helicopters Ltd. This webcam is located at Dent Island Lodge near Stuart Island, British Columbia at the mouth of Bute Inlet.

Dickson's lawyer, Robert Nuttall, argued the pathological evidence fits with a scenario of Dickson sitting on Liu's chest with her neck cricked while he was "sexually excited." The Crown's theory was that Dickson — who was a tenant in the same building — forced himself on Liu then killed her by mechanical asphyxiation to cover it up.