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Tons of new features, enhancements to code, variety of unique modules like our custom FREE SHIPPING module which allows customers to alternatively pick a different shipping method other than free shipping, easy-customization system to make customization of your stores a snap without the complications of Smarty Templates, automated store feeds system to push products to Google Base others, our own proven search engine friendly URL system, and much more.Custom oscommerce contributions, not found anyplace else.You may need to correct permissions on other oscommerce files and folders as per the oscommerce installation guide.

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It’s really a big responsibility to protect customer’s data whether it’s names or street addresses and sometimes credit card information.

Our custom version of oscommerce MS2.2 RC2.2 shopping cart system.

We manage all your data entry needs in os Commerce such as product information, product keywords, product meta tags, product image uploads, product pricing, product descriptions and reviews, comments and more We assign each product a proper category so that it is easy to find, time and again.

This makes your customers happy lessening their pain of searching and ensures repeat orders, which in turn makes your business grow.

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