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Even with cancer, I would date more people than my ex-boyfriend. I did not imagine he would really care, but vengeance through success is always the sweetest.

Many people with cancer do not date during treatment. The summer of my cancer was also the most active summer of my love life.

In Vedic astrology the sign has name Karka and its Lord is Moon.

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Who leaves their girlfriend, even if she insists the breakup would not be devastating, when she is diagnosed with cancer?

But the distance grew with every passing doctor’s appointment he did not want to attend or chemo side effect he could not understand.

Others try to figure out how many dates they should have before they mention a cancer history. I decided I would reply to any dating-site message that did not feel creepy. These dates were my lifeboat of normalcy during the week, keeping me moored to a reality that did not involve sad waiting-room glances from fellow patients, some old enough to be my grandparents.

My approach was to put a large disclaimer about my illness at the top of my online-dating profile. Dating even offered a glimmer of hope for more intimacy than an oncologist’s exam or a monthly shot in the tush from an apologetic nurse.

“I was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma a month after my 23rd birthday — but don’t worry! I’ll be out of touch every other weekend because I’ll be a little tired from chemo, but don’t worry! Instead of talking about my fears of dying, I told him not to worry, twice.