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There was a pretty good turn out, and pretty fun, but then she got in trouble with for using their site as her way to communicate and they canceled her membership.

East Bay Grille on the waterfront in Plymouth used to have a good draw on the weekend, with dancing as well I haven't been there in ages but might be a start. With the forums being 'hidden' and the whole issue being discussed, including the trouble now for many finding or hosting events, I thought I'd check out what is going on here, as the only 'local event' to me is in Malden!

There is so much this area has to offer and with the active participation of our members we seek to offer the opportunity to share our abilities, knowledge, and activities with fellow members.

Together Cape Codyssey and its members we will uncover the hidden treasures the Cape offers.

Whether you are interested in exchanging business tips, learning or trying something new, exploring the Cape, or finding friends Cape Codyssey hosts a variety of events for individuals like you.