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He said: "Sexual misconduct seriously undermines public trust in the profession."You abused your position as a doctor and you put your own interests before that of a person you believed to be a child." Lawyer for the General Medical Council, Miss Rachel Smith said: "The conversation began with the doctor saying 'hey sweetie' asking whether she was from Bolton as he had been on a night out there and there had been 'hot girls'."He asked her to confirm she was 13 and told her he was 35 and a doctor.

In April 2016 we've hit a new milestone, that of conviction number 600! On average, 50 convictions a year for twelve years now.

In most cases doing decoy work, we often feel like we can take months and months to hold conversations...

but after it became apparent that Rozmiarek wasn't going to travel to New York, we knew we had to contact local law enforcement in his area.

One of his creepy posts read: "It is a turn on to teach you everything.