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Therefore, decisions on medical management of the pregnancy should not be made until the Panorama result is confirmed by diagnostic testing, such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis. Low Risk result: Indicates there is a very low chance that the fetus has one of the chromosome conditions that are being tested for.Sample report No result: In a small number of cases, Panorama™ will not be able to provide a test result due to too little DNA from the fetus in the maternal blood sample, referred to as the fetal fraction.A microdeletion syndrome is based on where the missing information is located (i.e.: on which chromosome) and its effects.

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Panorama is a safe and simple way for expectant mothers to learn about the health of their baby without an invasive diagnostic procedure.

However, Panorama cannot be performed on women who are carrying multiple babies (twins, triplets, etc.), on pregnancies that used a donor egg or surrogate, or for women who have had a prior bone marrow transplant.

There are several possible results: High Risk result: Indicates that there is a very high chance that the fetus has a one of the chromosome conditions being tested for. In the event of an abnormal result, the ordering physician will be contacted by a certified genetic counsellor at Life Labs.

Sample report Although Panorama™ can detect 99% of babies with Down syndrome, it is considered a screening test.

These changes are expected to improve the ease of use for clinics while maintaining the same accuracy.