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Eight months later, I went to panel and was approved to adopt two children of same gender, aged 3 and a half to 8, white or dual-ethnicity. I am so glad that I have done it and am a father at long last and although it seemed to take ages to happen: it was two years from the panel stage to my daughter coming to live with me. My small, Irish Catholic family were amazing (my late father even came to my panel with me) although I later found out they were confused between adoption and fostering.

I was the first single adopter to be just approved for two siblings, rather than ‘one or two children’. My closest friend, herself a trans-racial adoptee, was the lynchpin and my most vocal advocate.

Child dating gay parent

Being gay means your child is sensitive to issues you may well not be aware of, and it is important to understand what those issues are.

How you behave may have an impact on children you don't know are gay, and by extension, even your own child.

Pink uk put some questions to him this week about his experience of the process. As a single gay man in my early 40s, knowing no lesbians who wished to have a biological child with me but still yearning to be a parent, I was encouraged by gay male friends who had adopted before me.

I had always wanted to be a dad and I spent a lot of time with my nephew who was aged almost 10 at the start of the process.

A chance meeting with an old friend of mine (a gay man who had adopted three boys with his partner) led to me calling Families That Last and I had a home visit a fortnight later.