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Try it – it really is an effective first date conversation tip. Brush up on the news I’m not a big fan of American politics, the war in Iraq, or the Canadian housing economy – but I listen to CBC and scan various news sources so my hubby and I have something to talk about at dinner (because sometimes old married couples need first date conversation starters, too! Find stuff to talk about from the news, sports, your community, or politics.

You’d be surprised at how fun it can make your date! One of the most interesting conversations I had on a first date was about a feminine hygiene exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I thought it was disgusting; my date thought it was fascinating.

Take deep breaths – finding stuff to talk about is easier if you’re relaxed Your date (and conversation partner) will pick up on how relaxed – or anxious – you are and will respond in kind.

And two nervous people aren’t great at making conversation! Knowing how to make small talk on a first date is about having fun on your date with chit chat.

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