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I think it's awesome to be around like minded people that speak the same language who walk together in the Spirit.

And, as you know being evenly yoked with someone is so important, especially when it comes to the Gifts of the Spirit.

I love to talk about Christ and get deep into the truths of God's Word, Church is very important to me because they are my family. One thing I feel learned since I started dating is how important it is to have similar likes.

If you want to chat you can find me on instapray or Facebook.

I have a deep faith in , and He the most important part of my life. I having an active social life, and I am gradually adding activities in as my energy improves. Christianity is not just a belief, or a religion; it is a way of life. Boaz you are a God fearing man of God who knows your word, your saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, and you have a sence of humor, you'll love me as Christ loved the church and I am that virtuous...