Coldfusion dating script

See my answer for what I think is going [email protected] Busche The original code would never have looked at the session scope, and your solution only looks at the session scope.

While your solution "works", it's accomplishing something different from what the code was supposed to [email protected] Busche To clarify, he said the code used to work and then stopped working on a new server.

One of the other advantages that coldfusion has is that it makes the linkage of the HTML pages with the existing Database much easier.

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That is the same as not having any session management in the first place.

So you might as well set and remove both cookie blocks of code.

Because you were on a new server I suspect that you managed to get your cookies into a state where the didn't have values that made sense.

I'm not sure fixing the code is important anyway, because it appears to be doing something nonsensical.

We appreciate you taking a day out of your weekend to help us with this critical release.