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Answer he impacted the world by sailing the ocean and finding America by this he brought people to settle on this new found land.

he created a settlement and traded with the Indians, he brought gold and furs back to Spain to trade with He also brought disease to America, like Smallpox, and forc…"He only had 3. did not exist until well after Columbus was dead, 1776. Not according to Ruggero Marino, who claims that Columbus actually reached America in 1485.

She and the King only tolerated Columbus because he was their best hope for beating Portugal to the riches of Asia in their eyes. He probably did reach the mainland although there is some dispute on that question. Sizes of feet All people have two differently sized feet.

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This debate has been going on for more that 500 years.

The truth is....nobody really knows were Columbus first stepped foot on the New World.

If you want a good guess, most historians have agreed on Guanahani Island which today is known as Watling Island in the Bahama's.

The reason …Actually the Queen didn't like him very much at all.

srry 2 burst ur bubble wuhtever ur name is but he really had 4 haha Sorry to burst your bubble as well friend, but there were three. Columbus found his way to what we now call North America in the year 1492. The conventional view is that Columbus set sail on the first of his four great voyages in 1492, having been sponsored by Ferdinand II and Isabella I of Spain.