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the good news is that gamers are, on the whole, an attractive lot–judging by the pictures included in many of the profiles.mmodating is certainly a bizarre twist on the whole dating scene, but in a way it's also pretty cool.i'm a cheerleader and play mmorpg's and met a guy at my school who plays them too, you guys really need to look at yourself's more, woman dont like any guy who comes over and says “hey hotty wanna go out? eventualy when everyone dies, everyone is the same, if you cant understand that fact, then you should serisouly kill yourself, because your going straight to hell, or wherever the fuck people go after they die just in case god really doesnt exist.

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the geek boys never want the geek girls, they want the cheersleaders. at some point in life some of the geek settle for what they can get. ratio: i know far more then 12 personally, obviously you probably just meet the wrong chicks. comming around to different sites saying your all that and stereotyping, please, how old are you? if you want a real relationship you will love someone for who they are, so if you want to insult, i suggest one of these 2 1: kill yourself for being so one sided, or 2: shut up and get a life.

we just don't post adds on silly dating sites becaues we don't have to. one was a quake addict, even has a quake symbol on her back in tattoo form. – by adder“some of you guys need to get off your fat butts and go meet a girl the normal way.

it is really hard having a date with a guy who is staring only at my large chest and not hearing any of my interests, or interested in me beyond my body.

so this is the best alternative i have, compared to many other dating sites. – by vera odessa newmani think normal casual games, like backgammon, chess, checkers, card games, etc., are more appropriate as a “dating game”.

Either way, as first computers hit the mainstream, and then the Internet entered into our lives in a big way, geeks became the people to know. The Internet is now awash with places for these geeks to hang out, and they do so in increasing numbers.