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He could also move the ,500 traditional IRA he has at his broker into his indexed-annuity IRA.

What Should Stay Separate It's crucial to keep tax-deferred investment vehicles separate from those that are funded with after-tax dollars.

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Make it easier to keep your portfolio balanced and diversified when you consolidate with one company that offers a broad range of investment choices.

Get more control and confidence too, especially when you consolidate with a company you can trust.

One reason: You will have to take minimum distributions on tax-deferred accounts when your reach age 70½. In Eric's case, although he has two IRA annuities, he cannot combine his IRA annuity with his nonqualified annuity, because the nonqualified annuity was funded with after-tax dollars and cannot be commingled with IRA money that was funded with deductible contributions.

He will also leave his traditional IRA with the zero balance open because he uses that to fund a backdoor Roth IRA conversion strategy that allows him to make a nondeductible contribution to that account and then convert it to the Roth IRA he holds with his broker.

Consolidating your brokerage accounts will mean you'll have fewer accounts and people to track and more money in each place, which could gain you additional services or better rates. In Eric's case, he might consider moving his retirement money into more moderate holdings.