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It could very well be that Brad reached out and expressed his condolences to Aniston after the death of her mother because he's known to be a nice guy.

The reports of Angie flying into a tizzy over this sound a bit exaggerated, as Jolie does not appear to be the type of woman to go off on a tangent because her husband expresses his sympathy for someone's loss, even if that someone is his ex-wife.

This blowup has stayed under wraps for the last month or so and it is just being reported today, or more like rumored today, because the very busy couple just recently sat down alone without kids and staff in tow for a little chat.

The reports indicate that during this catching-up sit down shared by husband and wife, Brad very innocently told Angie how he reached out to Jennifer after learning her mother had passed away.

Angelina Jolie is said to be spitting tacks after she found out that her husband, Brad Pitt, reached out to his ex, Jennifer Aniston, when he learned that her mother had died in May.