Convenientdating com the early show on cbs dating

Mobile technology has, for better or for worse, radically changed the way we interact with each other.

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We get at least on new dating app per year with a slightly different dynamic which sets it apart from the other peas in the pod.

Critics can lament the death of the romantic all they wish – truth is, these apps are here to stay.

As a consequence, we find ourselves in dire straits when the need to express our emotions verbally arises.

We are so engrossed in online potential matches that we do not make eye-contact anymore, missing out on real opportunities.

We would rather judge people quickly over pictures than spend a substantial amount of time getting to know them, which is why we find these apps, which show us a photo first, "convenient". Whenever we swipe on Tinder or check the proximity of eligible candidates in our area, it feeds our constant impulse for competition and vanity, an inherent trait not born with a technological age, but only stirred and roused.