Coping with dating after divorce

I could either let this situation defeat me or I could choose to cope with this damn divorce.

You didn't see eye to eye in your marriage — no surprise you'll deal with the divorce differently.

No amount of tears or anger ever changed anything, and it was keeping me in a state of intolerable hurt.

And while I was doing that, he was going about his business, spending time with his new love, showing her off at out-of-town meetings, doing his work and finding a brand new excitement and pleasure in life.

I have a rubber stamp that says, “Don’t Postpone Joy.” I love that.

You can either spend your present moment in gratefulness, praise and progress, or you can spend it in agony and a sense of overwhelm and desperation.

I was sad if it was a beautiful day or if I was looking at a soft, moonlit night. You will decide if you are going to let this destroy you, or if you are going to trust God and believe that He can bring about good out of this. A path of hope and peace, and maybe even a path of wild, fun excitement — as improbable as that seemed. I did finally realize that, even though my heart was still hurting and I was still filled up with all kinds of negative thinking, I could make things different. I couldn’t eliminate the grieving process, but I could appreciate something about the present moment.