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Your ear consists of three parts that play a vital role in hearing—the external ear, middle ear, and inner ear.Conductive hearing: Sound travels along the ear canal of the external ear, causing the ear drum to vibrate.

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Your team will ask you to come back to the clinic for regular checkups and readjustment of the speech processor as needed.

Most adult cochlear implant patients notice an immediate improvement in their communication skills.

As these hair cells move, they generate an electrical current in the auditory nerve.

The electrical signal travels through inter-connections in the brain to specific areas of the brain that recognize it as sound. If you have disease or obstruction involving your ear canal, tympanic membrane (ear drum), or middle ear, your conductive hearing may be impaired.

A cochlear implant has two main components: The microphone captures sound, allowing the speech processor to translate it into distinctive electrical signals.