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Or, put another way, your great-grandparents were siblings. Assuming you’re between twenty and thirty years old, the common ancestor between you and your date was born sometime after the Civil War but before the turn of the 20th century. According to this article, you might have more genetic material in common with people whom you form relationships than those you are born into: After analyzing almost 1.5 million markers of gene variations, the researchers found that pairs of friends had the same level of genetic relation as people did with a fourth cousin, or a great-great-great grandfather, which translates to about 1 percent of the human genome.

Or, to make it blunt, you and your date have a great-great-grandparent in common. And while time itself does not dilute the gene-pool, basic mating does. So all those best-friends-turned-lovers relationships just got weird. If you and a close relative had both decided not to have children, society would not smile on your union just because it won’t produce an X-child.

Sporting a full neat beard, and wearing jeans and T-shirt, Cousins was handed a three-hour trial date for June 9.

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I’m taking more about the TV plots where our main character discovers the person they’re newly dating and, presumably, very excited about is a some sort of second or third-ish cousin.

Think ’s episode “The Head and The Hair.” You know, the episode where Liz is dating the incredibly hot, successful TV personality, but they have to immediately break up upon finding out that Liz’s Great-Aunt Dolly is The Hair’s Grandmother’s Cousin?

So our girls are friends/cousins, she is smart, beautiful, treats me with respect, her daughter is a well behaved sweetheart (signs she's a good mother), she is divorced herself, and we both have primary custody of our kids. Finally, the few family who knows seem supportive and non-judgemental.

This includes my new girl's mom (stbx's aunt), another aunt, three cousins, and my parents.

Some people might read just the title and say "No way! If you think details matter, read on before making a decision. I did everything I could to hold the marriage and the family together: we tried counselling, we talked to friends, I talked to preachers. Even so, I told her that I had made a lifelong commitment to her and that if she wanted out of the marriage, she was going to have to file for divorce. I ended up having to take her to court and was awarded the house and primary custody of our children. This cousin had never before expressed interest in me and neither of us had even flirted with each other before she knew I was getting a divorce.