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When they then try to have sex normally they are overly aware of the extra sensation and ejaculation instantaneously. it’s a problem with not being able to handle that extra stimulation.

Which brings me to the real reason why numbing agents will never be as effective against premature ejaculation as a good training program. I often ask guys who I first start to treat what they think is causing them to ejaculate prematurely. Most guys (around 70% in fact) will tell me that their penis is just too sensitive and that It can’t handle all the sensations during sex.

Many of the men who complete my premature ejaculation course tell me that they have tried premature ejaculation sprays in the past in an attempt to last longer in bed.

In fact numbing or desensitizing agents such as sprays, aerosols, gels or ointments have been around for centuries and are often one of the first things men will try when they realize they have premature ejaculation.

The difference with these products is that you apply the substance about 15 minutes prior to sex and then wash yourself thoroughly before intercourse.