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San Francisco, California Ruby walked home beside her best friend, Lulu, who had stuck by her since the divorce. A lot has changed since then, like, for example, her father moved out of California and into Illinois. I found all of these off We Heart It, please make sure to leave any suggestions or tips on how to improve or wh..."Dawn Brooks! Your mother was a doctor and your father was a scientist. Everything was peaceful at your town and there's nothing to worry about. In the beginning of the past, you were kidnapped by Dr. This was about to be the end for you until a young speedy blue blur comes and saves you from being a slave.

She couldn't visited him after her mother got remarried to Bill Clark, her step-father. Young lady I have had enough of you, come down and explain this to me right this minute! The two of you started out as friends, then comes closer and closer relationships. I love the way that I can smile at my bestfriend and she will know exactly what I'm thinking.

Maybe y"I woke up this morning And I heard the news I know the pain of a heartbreak I don't have answers And neither do you I know the pain of a heartbreak This isn't easy This isn't clear And you don't need Jesus Til you're here Then confusion and the doubts you had Up a...- What quote is your favorite?

- Where would you hope to meet your You Tube best friend at for the first time meeting irl?

Not all friends stand by you through your joys and sorrows But you've always been there for me. You're my dearest friend, the person I always turn to with So here you are.