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If you start suspecting that your partner’s sense of importance is abnormal, look for the signs you are in a narcissism relationship.

You may be in a narcissism relationship if the person: As Examiner points out, narcissists often prefer long-distance relationships or relationships with married men or women.

You are put on a pedestal (because it strokes the narcissist’s ego to play up your traits and accomplishments).

There is a lot of speculation about why people become narcissists.

The reigning theory is that narcissists had parents who had unrealistic expectations of them.

Without this “normal” narcissism, you risk running into a pit of low confidence.

And, as we’ve constantly talked about at PIOP, confidence is everything in life (and especially important in dating)!

The hallmark of a narcissist is the development of a Remember, narcissists have such low-self esteem that they feel a huge void inside of them.