Dating a convicted felon

Why unless a chick was 300lbs, missing five teeth, and living in a trailer in Alabama would they date a felon?

The reason I ask is because this girl I know back in Natchitoches who is an OT 5 IRL 8 is doing this. A woman wanted to take the fall for her bf/fiancé/whoever when they were driving in a stolen vehicle, with solen credit cards, merchandise, and possibly drugs.

For some women, having a fine man is all that matters – criminal record and all.

I can’t say I know too many women who would admit they’d be proud to date an ex-convict, but are women potentially closing themselves off to love by excluding someone who has spent some time in the clink?

Rapists, murderers, child molesters…none of them would ever get the time of day from me.

If you’re a registered sex offender or were convicted of a violent crime, don’t even think of looking in my direction.

Is a criminally minded person always a criminally minded person and can’t be trusted?

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