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She would see people on the street and have a quick illusion/delusion of performing a sex act on them.I could not order her a cup of coffee without having to take it back, because she could see dust in the coffee, I saw nothing and this became quite embarrassing however I would get her a new coffee.The other one lasted about 3 months and he saw no future with her. He has no clue what a relationship is all about and he is selfish I think, it was too much work and he ran. So he has come through a lot in the past and I commend him on his accomplishments.

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In her defense, she did tell me that she was bipolar, however it was not a mild case as she told me.

She was the sweetest person, made me feel like I was the king of the world for the first 3 months.

She has accused me of giving her crack and putting powdered cocaine up her nose while she slept. I’ve told her that I would take any type of drug test to prove her wrong, her response was, “people know how to beat the test”.

I broke up with her twice on those occasions only to take her back.

Hi Darbylee, Before I answer the questions in your last paragraph, I want to start by asking you this: Why would you want to be in a relationship with a person who treats you like this? If you accept him back, this rocky ride will continue. Just because you believe you love someone (and I say "believe" because I think what you may love is what you think is his "potential", not who he really is, and many people make this mistake.